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Double 2 – Features

Lateral Stability Control

Lateral Stability Control is a shock absorption mechanism built in the base to maintain lateral stability while traversing common obstacles in an office or classroom setting, such as cords, bumps, or a change in threshold.

Power Drive

Power Drive enables the robot to go up to 80% faster than normal driving speed, when the driver needs to go a long distance. Simply hold down the Shift key on your keyboard while driving with the arrow keys.

Camera Kit

Camera Kit includes a 150 degree wide-angle lens that increases the field of view by 70% on both the left and right sides! It's a 5 megapixel camera, so you can take much higher resolution photos to see the details.

Camera Kit enables the Always-on Floor View for increased spatial awareness and no need to take time switching between camera views. Adaptive HD is a new technique that we've developed to favor smooth video when moving and higher resolution (up to HD!) when you're still.

"The team at MIT Sloan School of Management Office of Executive Education has been using telepresence robots for the past two years quite successfully as part of our flex work policy."
   — Peter Hirst, MIT Sloan School of Management

Fleet Management

Essential tools for telepresence admins.

Deploy and manage dozens or hundreds of robots from one central dashboard on the web.

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Secure Communication

Double uses the WebRTC standard for video and audio, so it is encrypted and always secure. The encryption used is an AES cipher with 128-bit keys to encrypt audio and video, plus HMAC-SHA1 to verify data integrity. Video and audio connections are end-to-end encrypted and peer-to-peer whenever possible.

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30-day Money Back Guarantee