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 February 15
Student uses robot to attend school in Anne Arundel County


 December 8
Becky uses a robot to visit The Yogscast
 June 22
Lucinda's eye-controlled museum tour
 May 10
Introducing the new Microsoft Inclusive Tech Lab
 March 17
SK's Innovative Vision for Global Carbon Reduction
 February 10
Robots help some sick children 'attend' school. Kids are working with scientists to make them better
 January 25
How technology transformed the classroom experience for a little girl living with a genetic neuromuscular disease
 January 24
In the company of robots: Connecting older people at VGH with family
 January 3
Springfield second-grader uses double robotics to attend school


 December 21
Charles Hurst Toyota fund additional robot for Children's Cancer Unit
 October 26
Museum gives hospitalized children "robotic" access
 October 13
Family visits through robots? Researchers test new tech in B.C. long-term care
 October 7
Welcome to the future: robots in long-term care
 October 6
Patient satisfaction with a pharmacist-led best possible medication discharge plan via tele-robot in a remote and rural community hospital
 September 29
Telepresence Robots
 September 23
Dr. David DeJong - Associate Professor of Educational Leadership - Podcast
 July 14
Accessibility is not Optional it's a Necessity
 May 26
Be present at work remotely thanks to the robot
 February 15
Kelly Mill Elementary robot takes students on a virtual tour through Truist Park
 February 9
UT Arlington Using Robots to Help Students Learn Remotely


 December 9
Double 3 Telepresence Robot
 November 19
Domo arigato assister roboto: museum uses robots to allow visits from anywhere
 November 13
New robots keep nursing students, faculty learning in lab clinicals
 October 29
How a talking robot could ensure election transparency amid coronavirus pandemic
 October 9
Brooklyn condo brings new twist to virtual sales: the robot tour
 September 8
Office Ready? Jetson-Driven 'Double Robot' Supports Remote Working
 May 8
Robots help college students in Arizona get their graduation day
 April 15
You Can't Visit the Museum. But Your Robot Can.
 April 14
Meet Quintin the robot, who's doing ward rounds in a Cape Town hospital during Covid-19
 April 2
Union Hospital deploys 'robots' in fight against COVID-19
 March 6
'Can everyone mute?' Coronavirus means we must telecommute.


 September 26
Online Samford Students Engage through Telepresence Robots
 August 28
Not just 'FaceTime on wheels': Telepresence robot can now avoid obstacles on its own
 August 27
Double's new telepresence robot now drives you around like you're a Sim
 March 26
Telepresence Robot takes Brookfield student to school


 November 5
Barry University's College of Nursing & Health Sciences
 October 16
Robots at your service
 September 13
School Zone: Telepresence Robots
 September 7
Robot Buddies' Help Children's Hospital Patients Go Back To School
 August 20
Maid of Honor Uses Robot to Attend Sister's Wedding
 August 8
CCPS gets four robots for students' home/hospital use
 June 21
How robots are helping chronically ill children in Oxfordshire attend school
 June 19
Robo-Student: Technology connects child with cancer to classes
 June 13
Students get virtual tour of TAMS
 June 6
Sierra View Robot Aids Virtual Learning
 May 24
Double Robotics gives local student a unique educational experience
 May 22
Talbot schools get robots for absent students
 February 7
Robots Help Homebound Students Virtually Attend School
 February 6
Remote Students Learn More with a Video Conferencing Robot
 January 29
Hotels around the country are introducing robots to handle repetitive tasks like room service deliveries, entertaining guests, and even giving directions.
 January 23
Decker School Of Nursing Gives Telemedicine A Big Boost
 January 22
Telepresence Robots - Duke University School of Nursing
 January 17
Wild Rose School Board hears presentation on telepresence unit


 December 23
Minister Audrey Tang spoke by videoconferencing at a Geneva meeting
 December 22
Janesville school, tech firm partner on robot helper
 December 22
Christmas is extra special this year for Reese Burdette
 December 12
Mount Morris junior, undergoing cancer treatment, attending school with help of robot
 December 9
Kids isolated by cancer connect online
 December 5
Robots in the Classroom: How a Program at Michigan State Is Taking Blended Learning to New Places
 December 4
Mingo BOE meets Robbie the Robot
 December 4
Maine woman is a finalist for CNN Hero of the Year
 November 29
Robot allows Maine Memorial student with genetic disease to be present in classroom
 October 5
A Robot Who Makes Site Visits
 September 20
Double Robot on The Block Channel 9
 May 24
Robots replace students at ASU?
 May 16
REX allows hospitalized kids to "attend" Sporting KC matches
 May 16
Pomp and a robot's stance: 'Tepperbot 3000' to accept no-shows' CMU diplomas
 May 11
Robot Students? College Classrooms Try Letting Far-Away Students Attend Via Remote-Control Stand-In
 May 3
SÃ¥ funkar hypade USA-roboten (in Swedish)
 April 28
Robot Takes Recovering Child to Her Seat in Class
 April 12
Robot provides a human touch
 April 7
Cheatham County class comes up with plan to help home bound students
 April 6
Carl Sandburg college offers new online degree with help from robots
 March 20
Sultan middle schoolers receive robotic assistance
 March 17
Leukaemia sufferer Brodie, 5, uses telepresence robot to virtually attend school
 March 15
Minersville Area senior uses robot to attend classes from home
 March 3
Virtual inclusion helps this district commit to all students - no matter what
 March 1
Robot keeps Worthington student in touch with his classroom
 February 8
Kindergartner Uses Motorized iPad To Communicate With Other Students
 January 16
How a robot will help a homebound student learn in Mullica Township
 January 7
Tour sparks interest for students


 December 20
AACPS earns award for cutting edge digital learning
 December 10
Simple robot brings school home to Forestville student
 December 7
ALF goes to the White House
 December 7
3 technologies that our startup uses to extend our company culture
 November 30
Girl, 8, battling leukemia can attend class via robot
 November 28
The robot changing school for students with disabilities
 November 28
Let a robot go to the office for you
 November 27
City schools look to robots to connect with homebound students
 November 21
One agency is using an in-house robot to make remote workers feel more connected
 November 16
Hundreds Attend SSHS's Open House
 November 16
Crestline Student Uses Robot To Go To School
 November 9
Robot allows 4th grader with rare condition to attend school without leaving home
 November 1
Schools use robots for distance learning
 November 1
CHS Student Attends Class as 'Robot Student'
 October 31
Students use robots for long-distance communication
 October 29
Robot helps Lake Country fourth-grader overcome immune system issues
 October 27
Special robot gives kids stuck in hospital virtual freedom
 October 26
Nursing students use robot to explore changing world of tech, medicine
 October 17
UAH nursing students to work with telehealth robots
 October 12
Double Robot: Teaching Kids in a Remote Classroom Experience
 October 12
Monsignor Slade student learns from home while spirit enlivens school, thanks to robot
 October 9
A startup CEO who raised $194 million explains why he uses a robot for meetings
 September 29
UNT Frisco introduces robots for new classroom interaction experiences
 September 15
Cañon City School District uses robots for new literacy program
 September 12
Are you chronically ill? Robot surrogates can bring school to your home
 September 8
AAMU Implements Telepresence Robots
 August 14
Anne Arundel councilman to attend fall meetings via robot
 August 4
UAH College of Nursing students learn using new telehealth robots
 July 19
Robotic enhancement for Sultan City
 July 19
Communication science student attends class via "robot"
 July 18
BuzzFeed and Washington Post turn to robots for RNC coverage
 July 18
Remote robot connects engineering students, UMaine cohorts
 July 5
Scores up following use of iPad robots
 June 26
Robotic device allows student to rejoin the classroom
 June 18
Flipping the office telepresence model
 June 16
Top doc says 'sim' center best in Indiana, example for nation
 June 14
Teacher-led innovation celebrated at summit in Minneapolis
 June 1
Getting the most out of telepresence robots: Our top eight tips for humans
 May 19
Buddy the Robot Goes to School
 May 17
Using technology, Oconto schools Making A Difference for sick student
 April 29
Robotics keep student in classroom
 April 18
Ever Wonder What It Would Be Like To Be in Two Places at Once?
 April 18
Virtual Meetings and Robots: How Today's Schools Are Shaping Tomorrow's Offices
 March 31
Tallaght Hospital The First to Trial Telepresence Robot
 March 23
Central student uses robot to connect with classroom
 March 23
First grader attends field trip via robot
 March 8
Making a Difference: A new level of 'telemedicine' at UNE
 March 2
I, ROBOT: Tablet mounted to a Segway-like device allows teen to attend school from home
 March 1
Penn State Outreach uses robots to integrate online students into classrooms
 February 26
Robot allows homebound Nixa student to be part of the classroom
 February 10
Palo Alto: Children's Hospital uses robot to help patients study, socialize
 February 4
New UI Center Uses Technology To Prepare Future Teachers
 January 28
Robot 'doubles' as student recovering from transplant
 January 26
Telepresence robot helps 5-year-old with leukemia keep up with class
 January 18
Robot roams halls of East Leyden High School
 January 6
How A Robot Allowed My Seriously Ill Daughter To Attend School


 December 7
Robot attends school for young cancer patient
 December 1
Är det här roboten som gör att vi alla kan jobba på distans?
 November 28
Peyton's Awesome Virtual Self, a robot that allows girl with cancer to attend school
 November 22
For 5-year-old Ford Sniezek, the virtual classroom is the real world
 November 4
Robot Will Attend School for 10-Year-Old With Cancer
 October 16
LIU 12 finds technology to help students who can't physically be in class
 October 12
Technology roams the halls at Franklin Pierce
 September 11
Can't Make It to the U.S. Open? Send a Robot in Your Place
 September 3
West Bend student attends school with help of robot
 August 26
Nebraska Medicine - Robot Reports for Duty
 August 10
University of Alaska Museum of the North shows off telepresence robot
 August 2
Telepresence at Genazzano FCJ College
 July 11
Melanie James delivers keynote speech at Positioning Theory Research Symposium
 June 17
University of Alberta student uses Double after being sidelined by surgery
 June 3
Robots give Jersey student, Oregon prof virtual presence at Indiana State
 May 26
At MIT, Mastering the Science of Working from Home
 April 22
Online students travel the campus from their homes with robots controlled by a smart phone
 April 13
Robot roams school halls: Technology keeps 1st-grader on track
 April 9
Auckland firm takes on robot accountant
 March 26
How a Telepresence Robot will Radically change the way I work
 February 24
Michigan State Tests Telepresence Robots for Online Students
 February 17
Pharmacy school student utilizes new robotic technology
 February 5
Bon Secours Medical Center Uses Double Robotics to Visit Patients
 February 1
Bot to school: Injured Commodore Perry teen uses technology to go to classes
 January 21
Double Helps School Save $20,000
 January 16
GlobalNOC bots help build community, extend services
 January 1
Double Robot Ready to Teach in RVC Classrooms


 December 19
Industry experts visit classrooms at Ball State
 November 13
Freelancer Has A Robot In Its Office That Has Staff Working In Ways They Never Imagined
 October 29
VirtualSC Double Robot Project
 October 29
Tommy Hilfiger store in Tokyo, Japan
 October 2
Dunseith Elementary saves $75,000 with the help of a Double
 August 15
Thalmic Labs uses Double to work long distance
 August 13
Brazilian animator visits Vancouver SIGGRAPH technology conference via robot
 August 8
At ECMC, the robot will see you now
 August 5
Light Chaser Animation Director Works in Beijing from Los Angeles
 August 1
Cardinal welcomes robots in classroom
 June 17
Robotic teacher aides sign of new era in teaching
 April 23
Alder Hey robot allows children in hospital to communicate
 March 17
Twitter engineering uses Double to humanize remote conversations
 February 14
Kindergarten Boy Attends Class via His Double


 October 14
Verkkokauppa Store
 July 28
Double Profile: A2 Wind Tunnel + Williams Cycling
 May 28
Traveling on a Budget Sequestration. NASA Style.